The Old Church Tower at Shenstone.

“Shenstone Old Church Tower is a wonderful monument to the history and archaeology of a fascinating village. Although the excavations needed for this redevelopment were only shallow, the potential of church hill remains enormous, almost certainly being the original location of the communities that settled here. Shenstone is the only settlement mentioned in the Domesday survey, implying that it was the Mercians, possibly dating back to the times of the infamous King Penda, who built the first church on the site. This original church was rebuilt in the 1270s into a rather large and impressive building, of which the old tower is the only remaining section above ground. It was a great pleasure to work with such a dedicated and committed community group to bring this wonderful building back into use for the community it has served for over 700 years.”

Tour The Old Church Tower

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The Shenstone Heritage Trail

Explore the history of Shenstone following The Shenstone Heritage Trail.

Discover a rich History

Important Dates

Find out about the notable dates and events that have taken place at The Old Church.


Find out more about how a team of local people have campaigned and raised funds to restore The Old Tower.

A Norman Church

Norman records describe the parish of Shenstone, including The Old Church.

Tudors & Stuarts

The importance of The Old Church to the people of Shenstone continued throughout the Tudor and Stuarts period

Georgian & Victorian

The support provided to local residents of the parish of Shenstone continued through final years of The Old Church.

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